Vegas YWG 2019 Competition "House" Set


Our custom bumpers specially designed for the Las Vegas Youth World Championships!

This is the set that was on the platform for the competition itself!

The "House" set is custom designed and only 1 set exist in the world. Made on our world class competition sets this set is not only the most unique in the world but also will never be made again.

Get the amazing quality Uesaka always offers with an extra touch of #UniquelyUesaka thrown in!

This set is whole and comes with the following

8 - 25Kg Vegas Competition Bumpers
2 - 20Kg Vegas Competition Bumpers
2 - 15Kg Vegas Competition Bumpers
2 - 10Kg Vegas Competition Bumpers
2 - 5Kg Competition Change plates
2 - 2.5Kg Competition Change Plates
2 - 2.0Kg Sevi Change plates
2 - 1.5Kg Sevi Change plates
2 - 1.0Kg Sevi Change plates
2 - 0.5Kg Sevi Change plates
2 - Sevi System Collars
1 - 20Kg Male competition Barbell
1 - 15Kg Female Compeittion Barbell

As an added bonus Uesaka will be adding FREE SHIPPING to this order!