Uesaka Puzzle Platform


The Uesaka Tile Platform System is like nothing else out there. The new platform system has revolutionized competition setup and prep as well as allow gyms to have sound absorbing professional platforms available to them but also allowing them to easilly adjust the platforms position anytime they want. Assembly and disassembly takes about 5-10 minutes, making it a portable platform option taking it to your friends, across the country or to lift while travelling!

– Each tile platform comes in a standard size of 2.5 m x 3 m x 30 mm, with the option to customize dimensions to any size.

– Standard center color options are blue and red, but can be customized to just about any color preference (pantone required). (current inventory is USA is GRAY)

– Platforms have dual density durometer ratings. The top portion of the drop area has a durometer rating of 90, almost has hard as concrete; however, the underside has a durometer rating of 48, which helps absorb impact. Having a dual density prevents divots and wear spots, which typically develop on the top surface of other platforms after repeated use. Plus, the softer underside helps disperse impact and dampen noise; thereby, protecting the floor and your barbell and bumpers.

– The unique cross lock system allows the edge, side, or boarder to snap into place and require no hardware, metal framing, bolts, screws, and is completely free of sharp edges.

– Each standard platform weighs approximately 295 kg. For being only 30 mm thin, these platforms are stout and are designed to last a lifetime.

– Custom Graphic can be done on center tile area but will require a lead time of 6 weeks from order time to allow for creation and shipping.

- Instructions included (Please make sure you asemble and disassemble per the insructions because if pulled wrong you could damage platform teeth)

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