Welcoming Uesaka Barbells newest piece of gym equipment, these pulling blocks are the missing equipment every gym owner and athlete has been looking for.

The Daruma Doll in japanese culture is made in the likeness of the founder of the Zen tradition. Daruma dolls are seen as symbols of luck but also as perseverence. As the old saying goes "we fall seven times to get up eight" and these blocks are the deffinition of determination.

Made of the same world class rubber Uesaka is known for we have made blocks that will never break, never blow apart when dropped on, never take up loads of space, and never be so loud you need earplugs to train. Using a clever peg system the blocks each weighing 15kg lock right into place and never shift during your training.

Each "set" is 12 tiles stacking to right under 12in getting 95% of athletes to the at the knee height with no issue.

Easy to carry by yourself around the gym these blocks are great for limited spaces or just for gyms that dont want all the clutter of wooden blocks and the pains of having to repair and rebuild them every few months.

The best parts, the Uesaka Daruma Blocks are vibration dampening and sound absorbing making them very nice to train on.

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