190 Kg Uesaka Competition Set (20 Kg Bar)


Uesaka IWF Competition Bumpers hold the covenant Category “A” Certification from the International Weightlifting Federation. As the Official Supplier of Olympic Games of Weightlifting, our bars and bumpers have been used at the 1964, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics.

Since 1969 we have produced one of the most sought after IWF approved competition bars in the industry. This bar is made for Olympic competition weightlifting. Our bars are certified by the IWF and are approved for use where your results are recorded by governing bodies.

Each bar is hand made in the traditional way, taking time for the finer details. The knurl is hand lathed into each bar. Our dry rotation system is maintenance free and does not wear like other bearing constructed bars. You will have the same consistent feel years later as the day you bought it. A one time investment for a lifetime of quality.

All of our bumpers are made from class “A” natural, synthetic rubber blend. With the outside edge grip, makes for easy loading and unloading. Our trademark two part locking hub system is made of Japanese steel and have become the industry standard in design.

The Uesaka Sevi system is the most accurate and exact change system in the weightlifting game as well as designed to clerverly keep plates attached and allow easy plate swap outs.

This system makes loading bars in competitions much faster or just making your training in your garage more efficient knowing your plates will never slide off!

This set contains

1- 20kg Male Competition Barbell

1- Full bumper set

1- "Sevi" Change plate system

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